Computers and Internet

There is no doubt that the technology has added new and wonderful things to our daily existence. But at the same time, it has provided parents with further challenges to their parenting. In addition to the usual arenas where parental supervision was required, we now add another arena  which requires supervision – that of computers.  This supervision relates to two issues :  a) time spent in from of the computer, including irregular hours and b) content and information – which include children’s exposure to harmful and potentially dangerous material.
We often hear from parents their concerns and worries regarding their child’s use of computers. For some it involves the time spent in front of the screen and the late hours their child keeps playing with his/her computer. For others,  it is the fear of danger which lurks in places such as chat rooms or gambling sites. 
The New Authority has created a program to help parents combat the potentially harmful use of technology. In our work we give parents concrete methods to help them better supervise their children and act to help their children “dis-connect”  from over use of technology.